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What is branding? How is it different from marketing?

Branding goes beyond the visual representation of your company. Branding is strategic, and marketing is tactical. Your brand is the underlying message behind the product or service that influences the customer experience. The promise behind your brand should make your business look professional, established, and trustworthy. That’s where Media Development comes in!

It’s time to put together a professional branding program for your business or organization. We get to know your industry and buyers. When we discover what sets you apart, we’ll build on those differentiators to build a brand across all your marketing materials. This may include your logo, tagline, stationery, brand style guidelines, professional video, brochures, and print ads.


Flyer – TI-TRUST, Inc.


Brochure – TI-TRUST, Inc.


Logo – TI-TRUST, Inc.


Logo – Hannibal Regional Economic Development Council