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HydroDog – Full Annual Marketing Plan & Deliverables

As one of the 5 Pillars of Support, Media Development and Vervocity Interactive manage and provide the digital marketing and traditional marketing tools and assets to give each HydroDog Mobile Grooming franchise a firm presence from which to grow their business.

When a HydroDog franchise joins the pack, they undergo training through Nash Academy - both online and in person. While this is happening, Media Development and Vervocity Interactive are preparing that franchise's printed marketing material designs, the beginnings of that franchise's online marketing presence through popular social media platform pages specific to that franchise, and a page on the website that will be tied to their location and zip codes served - along with their contact information, social media links, and a blog feed that will feature content that is original to that franchise. Steps towards SEO are taken, a local market SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) is conducted, and printed marketing assets such as business cards, rack cards, new business announcement flyers, and customized door hangers are also designed. These printed items feature that franchise's name, HydroDog email address, and HydroDog phone number that forwards to their cell phone.


As a groomer finishes training, 12 original content videos are created featuring that groomer's information and proven talking points that explain services and activities in the rescue community, introducing the groomer, and showing what HydroDog is all about. These videos are then published once each month for 12 months on the groomer's Facebook page, and they are available for sharing across other social media platforms, as applicable. Original blog posts are written to accompany these videos when they are embedded in the franchise's own feed of blog articles, and 3 additional original blog posts are written and published to their own blog each month by Vervocity Interactive on behalf of the franchisee. A franchise will have a new blog post nearly every week, and this steady flow of new, original, and relevant content is available for distribution through the franchise's social media platforms.

Printed marketing assets (such as business cards, door hangers, and flyers) and other promotional items can be ordered through Media Development as needed. Additional digital services like PPC (Pay Per Click Advertising) and boosting of social media posts can also be ordered a la carte through Vervocity Interactive.

Each HydroDog franchisee receives 12 months of coordinated marketing according to our franchise launch marketing plan. Deliverables vary somewhat each month throughout the year, with several elements such as original content blog/video posting and social media management remaining consistent. HydroDog franchisees have the recommended option to continue receiving the benefit of these services through Media Development and Vervocity Interactive at the end of the 12 month period. MD and VI are your franchisees' partners in success with HydroDog.

The value of the 12-month Franchise Marketing Plan is front-loaded, so HydroDog groomers choosing to continue services beyond the initial 12 months can expect to continue receiving the same value of marketing deliverables as received in the later months of the first year.

Click here to download a pdf list of all deliverables

A list and explanation of each franchise marketing deliverable follows:

HydroDog Phone Number & Email Address

Each HydroDog groomer receives a phone number and an email that is used for all HydroDog purposes. The phone number is trackable and will forward to your cell phone. Vervocity Interactive will provide the phone number and the email credentials. These emails can be checked at or through popular email applications such as Outlook or Mail on a desktop computer or a smartphone.

SWOT Analysis

This report analyzes the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats in the market for a franchise and may highlight not only competitors but also potential partners for future events. Media Development provides monthly updates following the initial SWOT analysis for a franchise.

Groomer Location Page on

Each franchise receives a web page listing on that includes their contact information, social media links, a list of areas served, their bio, a photo, and a feed of original blog posts specific to their franchise. This franchise page is shown when a visitor to enters a zip code served by that franchise.

Example: HydroDog - West Springfield, MA

12 Videos Featuring the Groomer

At the end of Nash Academy training, a series of 12 spoken videos on relevant topics is recorded using video conferencing technology. The footage is then edited and combined with branded motion graphics and music to provide concise, targeted topical videos to be published to the franchise’s Facebook page and embedded within an original article in their Franchise Blog Feed each month.

Franchise Original Blog Feed & Posts

Franchisees receive 4 original blog posts each month that are specific to their franchises and published on their own web pages on

Example: Teska Blog - West Springfield, MA

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Vervocity Interactive optimizes your online presence to make it easy for both the search engines and groomer’s target customers to find them. Regularly publishing original content that is optimized for this purpose helps a groomer to be shown higher in search results, leading to more business.

Social Media Management (SMM)

Vervocity Interactive creates pages for a franchise on popular social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. While a franchise has access to its social media pages and should post updates, engage with followers, and distribute their content, Vervocity Interactive also facilitates maintaining an active social media presence by posting on a groomer’s behalf. Paid boosting of posts is also available a la carte.

Example: HydroDog - West Springfield, MA

Google My Business Listing

A Google My Business listing is established for each groomer and is updated by Vervocity Interactive with relevant information and media content.

Yelp Listing

Vervocity Interactive establishes a Yelp listing for each groomer so the franchise can build a positive online reputation through online customer reviews.


HydroDog Business Cards

HydroDog business cards are designed for each franchisee by Media Development. These cards feature their name, title, areas served, HydroDog phone number, HydroDog email, social media icons, and a Big Blue Dog.

HydroDog Door Hangers

Media Development designs door hangers with custom contact information for each groomer. These door hangers are placed by groomers on the doorknobs of the nearby 5 or 6 hours on each side of the street. This gets people in the neighborhood talking and leads to more grooming calls.

Announcement Flyer

Media Development prepares a flyer announcing a new HydroDog grooming franchise in a given area. This flyer includes a listing of areas served, the contact information for that franchise, and HydroDog branding.


Main Services Rack Card

This is another format for explaining the Grooming, Bathing, and Flea/Tick Treatment services performed by a HydroDog Groomer. These cards are great for displaying in partner locations as a groomer builds a local network of dog lovers.

Review Request Card

When a groomer has provided grooming services to a customer, we want that customer to say something nice about them online at Yelp or Google My Business so their positive online reputation continues to grow. Media Development designs special cards with this request, and a groomer hands the card to a customer upon completing a service.

Newsletter Option

Based on a list of opted-in contacts provided by the groomer, Vervocity Interactive can create a branded newsletter for a specific franchise. A newsletter would typically feature links and summaries/excerpts of their blog content, listings for upcoming events, and their HydroDog phone and email contact information.

Press Release(s) & Local Media Contact

Media Development is available to prepare press releases that announce the launch of a new HydroDog Mobile Grooming franchise or Bathe To Save event details. Media Development contacts local media and distributes press releases in a given area.

Monthly Reporting on Monthly Marketing

Vervocity Interactive and Media Development provide monthly marketing reports for franchisees.